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Welcome to Our Wine Cellar

Photo of the Wine Cellar in the Bilge of Bella Rose

Just Kidding!

I really enjoy wine. While I will never consider myself an expert (connoisseur) I have a very good understand of the basics. Many people have questions about wine tasting and the “rules” and therefore avoid trying wine. I wrote a 2-part guide to help people.

Anyone can learn the basics, such as; the vocabulary (language), grape varieties, wine regions, and the general rules of wine and food. Spend a little time developing your nose and taste buds and you will be able to impress your friends and fool most everyone else. More importantly, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful world of wine.

Check out my Guide. Most importantly – have fun.

Rob's Wine Tasting Guide

Part 101 - The Basics

Part 201 - More Details

Download Rob's (free) Guide here...

You may share this guide with your family and friends.

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