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Welcome to Our TEA Room

Cheri and I are tea drinkers. I have enjoyed teas for as long as I can remember. I drink all kinds of teas, true teas, herbal teas, packaged teas, and quality loose teas.

Recently tea drinking has become more popular here in America.

Tea bags are easy to use. I drink quite a bit of herbal tea like this. I justify my laziness by reminding myself, herbal teas aren’t really tea at all. I just pick up a few boxes of various flavors at the local supermarket. Living on a boat, tea bags are easy to use.

When I want a cup of quality tea, I use a Bodum glass teapot with a built in SS infuser. We suggest you give loose tea a try. It isn’t as complicated as it might seem.

Feel free to download, read, and use our short pdf guide on teas.

Why Drink Tea Ezine

Don’t let the tea snobs scare you.

Welcome Matey

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