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Some great news...

It's True: You really can live a No Worries lifestyle and here's how...

YesYes, I want to save money and live worry free!

YesYes, I am bored with the 9-5 mindless JOB!

YesYes, I am ready to take action and create my own future!

YesYes, I am angry that others are defining the terms of my life!

YesYes, I want a lifestyle full of fun!

YesYes, I want to live life on my terms!

YesYes, I want to live my dreams now!

Take BOLD action now!

My friend, do you jump out of bed every morning absolutely excited to start the day? Are you satisfied with your life? Are you happy?

Do you feel like the days are passing too quickly and your dreams will never come true?

Have you ever said to yourself, "If someone would just show me how to do all this, then I could create my own lifestyle."

If what you are doing isn't making you happy it is time to do something different.

Make your dreams become reality and have a frickin' BLAST!

Now available at your favorite location:, Barnes&, Books-A-Million, and Borders.

ISBN-13: 978-0982654200 

You can get

Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom

Living the Pirate Lifestyle

direct from Captain Rob today and start using it right away (with the free bonus).

"I want to help you create the ultimate lifestyle, to provide you with the resources you need to succeed."

YesDid you laugh a LOT yesterday?

YesAre you sick of just getting through the day?

YesDo you want the Good Life?

Book passage: "Nothing beats waking up on the water, sipping coffee in the cockpit, and taking in a big breath of fresh clean air. The freedom of going wherever you want whenever you want."

YesAre the days passing too quickly?

YesAre you hoping for happiness after retirement?

YesAre you spending the best years of your life working?

Back cover: "Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom will change your view of work, retirement, and so-called commonsense social rules. Life is a journey, not a destination. Forget the traditional rule of working hard now and deferring life until retirement."

Inside book:

Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom is Captain Rob's logbook and contains within the details of his voyage to living the pirate lifestyle.

Herein ye shall find th' riches t' sail t' freedom if ye will sail th' seas wit' Captain Rob

 It doesn’t matter where you are in your life at this moment. What matters is where you want to be.

How far are ye willin' ta go?

Do nah listen t' th' naysayers!

Be Bold - Say "YES"


Shipped USPS Priority Mail (domestic)

Your Living a Pirate Lifestyle Friend,

Captain Rob

P.S. Cheri, Jonathan, and I just want to say “thanks” for allowing us to share this helpful information with you. And “thank you” for helping us continue living this wonderful live-aboard pirate lifestyle.

Oops, I almost forgot the Bonus. Get a digital copy of Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom instantly, no additional charge. Our gift to you. I will include the Captain Logbook worksheet too!

Digital Copy you download and Worksheet mailed with book.

Welcome Matey

About Captain  Rob

My name is Rob and I'm a terrific example of living free and living the pirate lifestyle. We are living everyday to the fullest living aboard a sailboat.

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Are you ready to live life on your terms? Are you ready to create an intentional lifestyle? Do you want to live free? Do you want to live independent? Warning, hang around here for very long and you may find yourself begging to be fired!

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