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Start reading Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom on your Kindle or other eBook reader in under a minute!

Page under construction. You can purchase right now.

This electonic eBook is an exact duplicate of the traditional print book. It is a PDF and is readable on digital platforms, like the Kindle reader.

If you prefer the portability of digital eBooks then this version is for you.

Start Having FUN Today

This is a digital download. As soon as you complete your payment, you will be able to immediately start reading Sail the Seven Seas of Freedom.

No waiting for your purchase to be shipped. How cool is that?

Welcome Matey

About Captain  Rob

My name is Rob and I'm a terrific example of living free and living the pirate lifestyle. We are living everyday to the fullest living aboard a sailboat.

About This Site

Are you ready to live life on your terms? Are you ready to create an intentional lifestyle? Do you want to live free? Do you want to live independent? Warning, hang around here for very long and you may find yourself begging to be fired!

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